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Monday, 6 March 2017, saw the Wits Students’ Surgical Society host our first Lecture Series Event of the year. This concise lecture was presented by Dr Kirsten Bischof, a Trauma Surgeon at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital who has already worked with the Surgical Society on numerous occasions. We were glad to have one hundred and twenty students join us at our first major event of the year. The lecture was based around a patient who had presented with a traumatic neck injury as a result of a gunshot. Dr Bischof used her lecture to demonstrate the importance of knowing one’s anatomy and physiology when working in Trauma. She used a series of images to explain the management of the patient and took us through a number of possible complications. Dr Bischof also emphasised the importance of the human impact of her work as a Trauma Surgeon. The QnA session at the end of the evening was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone present. Dr Bischof answered a number of questions, including several questions about her work as a female Trauma Surgeon in a relatively resource-poor setting. We would like to thank Dr Bischof for starting the society’s lecture series on a fantastic note!

Congratulations to Arya Chinniah who was the lucky winner of our first RSVP prize – a set of Life Healthcare Scrubs.


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