What puts a smile on YOUR face? Summer? Puppies? Winning the lotto? Well the Wits Student Surgical Society in conjunction with the Smile Foundation wants to help put smiles on the faces of as many children with facial paralysis and congenital facial anomalies as possible. All children should be able to experience the joy of smiling, the joy of being able to express their excitement and happiness. The Smile Foundation is here for them, through surgery and support, to put smiles on their faces, to help make possible for all children what comes so naturally to most.

We’ve seen the surgeries, we know the possibilities that it holds. The Smile Foundation provides a platform to educate and expose students to these procedures and for many of us, it’s both aspirational and inspirational. Watching it makes US smile, because we have supported the Smile Foundation of the past several years, and the more we raise, the more we can help to keep those new smiles coming.

On the 20th of November the Society will join the Foundation to ride the 947 Cycle Challenge to raise awareness and funds. Entries close in a week! We are riding for a purpose, to raise awareness for the work of the Foundation but also to celebrate the collaboration between the Smile Foundation and the Wits Student Surgical Society. Together we can make a difference. And that is definitely something to smile about!