Inserting an Intercostal Chest Drain (ICD), quickly and correctly, is an invaluable skill for medical professionals. The requirement for ICDs usually occurs in an emergency setting, thus proficiency (or at least prior exposure and practice) can improve students’ performance and patient outcomes. If students learn to insert an ICD for the first time in a stressful emergency setting, students could learn incorrect habits or make easily rectifiable mistakes.

The idea to host a workshop solely for ICD insertion arose at the Anatomy & Anaesthetics workshop in 2015, where students expressed their interest in a workshop that would focus on ICD insertion. And so, this year we launched our first ever ICD Workshop!

All students who had completed their GEMP I Respiratory block as well as a basic suturing course were eligible to attend this workshop. Students were afforded a unique opportunity to learn ICD insertion and removal on animal ribs, received a tutorial on interpreting Chest X-Rays from a Trauma Consultant, and learnt how to administer local anaesthetic.

After the workshop, snacks were served. This new workshop was thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendence and we look forward to offering it to the rest of our members!