For the past six years, the Wits Students’ Surgical Society has successfully been holding basic suturing skills workshops in the skills lab on 9th floor of Medical School. These workshops – taught by students and overseen by a lab technician – are available to medical students in all years of study, and aim to provide the students with a platform to learn and practice these vital skills – a platform that would not otherwise be available to them.

The WSSS also provides two workshops exclusively for first years; two workshops for GEMP1s to prepare them for their electives and four advanced suturing workshops that are available to all medical students who have completed the basic suturing workshop.

The basic suturing skills workshops include basic theory on local anaesthetics and suture material, knot tying, instrument handling, interrupted and continuous sutures and suturing an elliptical wound. The advanced workshops provide a refresher on basic suturing and knot tying but focus on slip knots, vertical and horizontal mattress sutures and subcutaneous sutures.

All registration is done online, and applications open at 12:00 pm on the Friday prior to the workshop. Unfortunately, due to high demand and limited space, the workshops usually fill up within a few minutes.

To register for one of our suturing workshops, please click here.